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High Performance Commercial Doors

A truly high performance rolling door

High performance commercial door

High Performance Doors are designed for 500,000 cycles usage with an approximate average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open and 12 inches per second to close.  They are well suited for applications where traditional roll-up doors do not meet the demands for very high frequency usage or the desire for higher speed operation

Standard Door Features

  • Type 3 flat slats or Type 33 insulated slats – available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Delrin endblocks attached to slats to reduce friction
  • Scratch-Guards protection system to reduce finish wear and operating noise
  • Tubular bottom bar fabricated from aluminum extrusions
  • Guides fabricated from 1/4" steel shapes with replaceable UHMW wearstrips
  • Outer guides are hinged and removable, inner guides are removable, for easy access to curtain for inspection and service
  • Springless barrel design – minimum 8 5/8” diameter pipe and 1 1/2" shafts

Standard Safety Features

  • Monitored sensing edge to stop and reverse a closing door upon contact with an obstruction – rubber dual-chamber profile
  • Design with integral isolated conductive elastomer switches
  • If a sensing system fault is detected, door will stay in or return to open position and revert to constant pressure close function for partial operability until fault is corrected
  • Secondary optical sensor system to stop and reverse a closing door upon sensing an obstruction.
High performance door in a garage

Standard Operator Features

  • High efficiency UL Listed in-line gear drive motor operator
  • 2 HP minimum continuous duty motor operates on 230v-3ph or 460v-3ph power source
  • Auxiliary hoist for emergency hand chain operation in event of a power failure
  • Integral speed governor to prevent curtain free-fall in event of operator component failure
  • Variable speed controller with adjustable soft start/stop feature
  • Average operating speed of approximately 24” per second to open, 12” per second to close – slowing substantially prior to full open and full close positions
  • Solenoid actuated brake, adjustable limit switches, non-resettable counter, adjustable re-close timer, delay on reverse
  • Auxiliary transformer is included to support secondary sensor system and ancillary control devices

Standard Clearances

  • Head clearance – 25” to 10 ft. high, 27” to 12 ft. high, 29” to 14 ft. high, 32” to 16 ft. high (add 2” for doors with insulated slats)
  • Side clearance – 8” each side

Model PD High Performance Commercial Door Pdf Brochures

Why should you buy a High Performance Door?

Take a moment to compare the differences and find out why the Commercial Doors Direct Model PD High Performance Door is an ADVANTAGE!

The Model PD is a truly high performance rolling door – designed to operate for 500,000 cycles Plus an average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open, 12 inches per second to close

Traditional Rolling Door* Commercial Doors Direct Model PD High Performance Door Commercial Doors Direct Model PD ADVANTAGE!
Cycle Life 50,000 cycles 500,000 cycles Designed to last 10 times longer
Warranty 2 years / 50,000 cycles 2 years / 500,000 cycles** Superior performance… superior warranty
Barrel Design Torsion springs Spring-less design No springs to wear out or break – eliminates cost of barrel repairs and resulting down time
Curtain Interlocking single slats or insulated slats with pressure-fit back cover; Endlocks on alternate slats Interlocking single slats or insulated slats with fully interlocking back slats; Endlocks on alternate slats plus delrin end blocks on every 4th slat; Scratch-Guards finish protection system Same high-quality single slats; With insulated slats the backslats are fully interlocking making any slat separation virtually impossible; Delrin end blocks reduce friction if curtain shift should occur; Scratch-Guards across curtain reduce finish wear and operating noise./td>
Guides 3/16" thick formed steel U-channels 1/4" thick steel shapes with replaceable UHMW wear strips; Hinged and removable outer guides removable inner guides Thicker guides are more durable; UHMW wear strips reduce friction and curtain wear; Hinged outer guides provide easy access for periodic inspection and maintenance
Guide Mounting Steel wall angles Steel wall tubes Wall tubes provide more rigid mounting for very high frequency / high speed use
Motor Operator 1/2 HP minimum in-line gear drive motor operator 2 HP minimum high efficiency in-line gear drive motor operator; Variable speed controller with soft start/stop feature; Integral speed governor Complete assembly is designed specifically for very high frequency / high speed use; Variable speed allows door to open fast but close at slower, safer speed; Soft start/stop extends life by slowing door before full open and close to reduce shock loads; Governor prevents curtain free-fall in unlikely event of operator component failure
Operating Speeds Approx. 6" to 8" per second to open and close Approx. 24" per second to open, 12" per second to close Opens 3 to 4 times faster and closes 1½ to 2 times faster than traditional rolling doors –plus enhanced safety features are included
Price Guarantee NOBODY BEATS OUR PRICES If you find a lower price from another online store, we will match the price and refund 10% of the difference.
Superb value –10 times the life for about 3 times the price of a traditional rolling door!

* Features listed are for a Commercial Doors Direct HD Service Door and may exceed what can be expected on many other types of rolling doors.

** Additional warranty conditions apply.

*** Cost comparison based on estimated initial cost for a 12' wide x 12' high service door, galvanized steel slats and hood, monitored sensing edge, reclose timer, cycle counter, sales tax, and installation (not including power or control wiring).

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