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Commercial Doors - What you need to know

Finding The Best Commercial Doors For Your Business

If you are planning to purchase commercial garage doors for your specific needs, then read on and find out more about commercial doors and how you can find the best option.

What are Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors, as the name implies, are doors that are specifically manufactured for commercial purposes. They are usually used in schools, office buildings, stores, hospitals, manufacturing industries, and other commercial buildings. These doors are manufactured with extra durability than residential doors to be able to withstand climate changes and different levels of abuse.

Commercial Doors - The Different Types of Materials Used

1. Steel Doors

Doors that are made of steel provide high level of security and durability due to its level of sturdiness and thickness. Steel is one of the most common materials in commercial doors. These doors are manufactured from metal sheets wrapped around honeycombed core or insulation. To improve its security levels, locking systems can be inserted into these doors

2. Wood Doors

Wood doors are manufactured using thin wood veneer sheets that are wrapped around a composite core made from solid lumber, particle board, or pressed mineral products. These doors are usually used on interior commercial applications. However, this type of door is not as durable as the other types of materials. Wood doors are very sensitive and are not able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

3. Aluminum with Glass

These doors are used in commercial businesses due to its sophisticated, sleek, and clean appearance. Aluminum doors combined with glass are low maintenance; only wiping and polishing are needed to maintain them.

4. Fiberglass Doors

These doors are manufactured using plastic matrix and fine fibers of glass. Fiberglass doors are known to be very durable. This type of door is a great option if you want long lasting commercial doors

5. Full Glass Doors

These door are used mainly for decorative purposes. To prevent injuries, safety glass is used in manufacturing full glass doors.

6. Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are manufactured from steel sheets. These doors are preferred to be used in storage facilities, warehouses, docks, and other locations due to its large door openings and space saving design.

The 4 Basic Types of Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are mainly used in various commercial buildings, however there are 4 basic types of these doors:

1. Roll-up Doors

These doors can be manufactured and designed in many colors, materials, shapes, sizes, and configurations

2. Fire Rated Doors

For buildings that are exposed to petrol and other harmful chemicals, this type of door is helpful in reducing the risks. These doors are made from fire resistant materials. They prevent the fire from spreading all throughout the building.

3. Scissor Gates

These are made from high quality steel to provide maximum security. With this, scissor gates are preferred by commercial establishments like banks, lending firms, and other related businesses

4. Overhead Doors

These are considered to be the conventional commercial doors. These doors are preferably suitable for warehouse sheds or garages. This type of door is a space saver too. Unlike swinging doors, these doors can be rolled upward.

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Commercial Doors Product Line

High Performance Doors

This commercial door has scratch-guards protection system so that operating noise and finish wear are reduced. This door is suitable for high cycle situations because it is highly strong and durable. It comes with delrin endblocks that are attached to its slats to minimize friction

Weather-Edge Doors

A weather-edge door is durable; it has economical steel construction. It is specifically manufactured to have an enhanced resistance to dust, air infiltration, and water.

Insulated Commercial Doors

This door combines flats slats with weather seals and foam insulation on the guides and hood, bottom bar, which results to a door that offers superb temperature and climate control.

Ventilated Doors

A ventilated door is usually used for loading docks, warehouses, and retail storefronts. It provides superb security while offering ventilation and visibility. These doors are manufactured and designed with flat or curved slats which are perforated holes (1/8") on staggered centers (3/16"), thus offering visibility and ventilation throughout the curtain.

Counter Service Doors

Apart from its various benefits, another good feature of this door is its reduced clearances and more attractive appearance. This particular door is suitable for retail, commercial, professional, and corporate applications. It has three basic types: wood curtain, metal curtain, and integral frame and sill.

Fire Doors

A fire commercial door is able to meet fire safety standards due to its automatic closing, specialized construction, and auto-reset or easy-reset functions. In case of fire or an alarmed event, the door closes automatically. These doors are perfect for institutional, industrial, commercial, and retail projects. Fire commercial doors have optimized performance and innovative designs.

Insulated Fire Doors

Like any other products of, this door provides innovative design, optimized performance, and fire protection. This type of door uses double slat curtain construction along with a mineral wool core. It offers sound control for openings and thermal insulation.

Counter Fire Doors

This type of commercial door can offer the same maximum fire protection levels and various features of fire doors. This particular door features a more compact design.

High Performance Grilles

A high performance grille door is perfect for parking garages and other applications where there is a need for high frequency usage or higher speed operation. Model PG has an enhanced aluminum grille curtain, a springless barrel design, and high-tech hinged steel guide system. In order to minimize operating noise and vibration, isolation mounts are utilized.

Grilles and Rolling Closures

This type of door offer superb visibility and ventilation while maintaining a safe area. This type of security is needed by office buildings, retail spaces, and parking spaces.

Counter Grilles

These grille doors are suitable for small entry openings, which unite finished appearance and compact design. This type of door is used in small entry openings and service counters.

Side-folding Closures

These doors are suitable for small entry openings because they do not need a headroom. They also stack compactly and can operate easily. These doors are manufactured from extruded aluminum components.

Motor Operators

This efficient motor operator is one of the accessories and controls offered by that are available for egress functions, access control, obstructions sensing, and environmental modifications.

Fire Door Retrofit

These door operators can offer state-of-the-art technology for your rolling fire doors. They can be installed to replace the same kind of failsafe operating systems. With this particular technology, you do not need to utilize traditional mechanical reset.

Folding Gates

These commercial doors are also called collapsible, expanding, accordion, or scissor gates. These gates can be either bi-parting or single sliding. The LT and DC Series are very portable; they can be rolled into place and rolled away.

Boarding Bridge Door

This particular door is usually used in airports, specifically in boarding passengers. Roll up doors are available to allow the passengers to board from the bridge to the aircraft. Cab and rotunda curtains serve as the side walls while barrels have counterbalance springs for rotunda curtains and roll up doors.

Commercial Doors Styles: The Different Styles to Choose From

Medium Duty

This particular style has interlocking slat, commercial-grade curtain. It also comes it 4 different finish paint colors.

Full Duty

With this style, high quality industrial grade steel doors are used to provide superb durability and strength

Bronze Series

In this particular series, models 224 and 225 are available. These models are energy efficient and can offer maintenance-free durability.

Silver Series

This series provides quiet operation and durability that is maintenance-free. It has 1 5/8" steel backed poly insulation. The available models are 224S and 225S.

Gold Series

Considered to be the best doors for commercial purposes. It offers the most quiet operation and maximum durability and strength. The available models are 210, 240, 230G, and 250G.

Model 200

This model has a 26 gauge galvanized curtain, locks, drum/axe assembly, guides, bottom bar, hardware, and operations. This style is perfect for warehouse buildings, freight terminals, loading docks, and distribution centers.

Model 300

This particular model is suitable for industrial and commercial purposes. it has 3" 24 gauge slats which have a curved slate profile.

Model 400

The model 400 offers three finish options: prime gray, white topcoat, or galvanized. This series is perfect for commercial, high cycle, or industrial applications.

Model 600

The main features of this model are its double angle bottom bar, reduction gear chain hoist, enclosed hood with baffle, and 3 pieces of structural guides. The model 600 is suitable for commercial, industrial, or even climate controlled uses.

Helpful Tips in Purchasing Commercial Doors

If you are planning to purchase this type of door, there are some helpful tips you can follow to help you out:

1. Decide What Type of Material You Need

Doors that are for commercial purposes are specifically manufactured and designed to withstand great pressure, climate changes, and temperature. However, durability may vary based on the type of material used. For instance, steel doors have superb longevity; they can last for at least 30 years. On the other hand, wood doors are cheaper but less durable. Indeed, each type of material used in manufacturing commercial doors can help you decide which one suits your needs.

2. Choose The Style/Model You Need

Another thing you need to remember is the style of commercial door you need. There are various styles or models to choose from. Each model has its specific set of features and advantages.

3. Select A Trusted Provider

There are various providers you can find nowadays, however it is always best to choose a reputable provider. This gives you peace of mind and confidence that you are making the right choice.

4. Seek For Professional Help

Remember that installing a commercial door on your own can be dangerous.

Advantages of Commercial Doors

Learning institutions, retail stores, hospitals, parking garages, and commercial buildings use commercial doors due to its various advantages. Below are some of the advantages of these doors:

1. Attractive Appearance and Maximum Durability

With the advent of modern technology, commercial doors nowadays are manufactured with style and professionalism. These doors are exquisitely manufactured to meet fire safety standards and even the most discriminating aesthetic requirements. They are usually available in various styles, paint finishes, sizes, and materials. Commercial doors are durable while providing a more professional look to every business.

2. Backed by Warranty yet Cost-effective

It is indeed true that commercial doors are more costly than residential doors. However, it must be noted that the use of commercial doors are considered to be cost effective. These doors are backed by warranties and guarantees. They are also manufactured using high quality materials, which meant you can be confident that you can save money with these doors.

3. Smooth Operation

For the past few years, there has been an evolution when it comes to the functionality of commercial doors. Nowadays, you can purchase commercial doors that offer improved functionality for a smoother operation. Most of them are added with beneficial facilities that can deal with alarmed events or fire and extreme weather conditions.

4. Ample Security

Commercial doors are specifically designed to provide maximum security to a certain building or establishment. With the type of materials that are utilized in manufacturing these doors, it is no doubt that various companies and businesses rely on commercial doors.

It cannot be denied that the use of commercial doors has been a necessity to almost all businesses and buildings all across the world. These doors do not only provide security, they also give you peace of mind and confidence that your business is safe.

Commercial Door Maintenance Tips

Although we is able to provide very durable doors for commercial uses, it is always advisable to look after your door to make it will last. No matter what type of material it is made of, make sure to watch any signs of damage regularly. You must also regularly inspect the door's cable rollers, springs, and other hardware and moving parts.

Basic repair skills are helpful. However, if you see any signs of complicated damage, never hesitate to contact a reliable service technician to avoid serious damages or injuries. Remember that commercial doors are built to meet certain standards. So, whatever signs of damage you can find, do not hesitate to ask for professional help.