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Commercial doors

full duty series
From $789

• Industrial grade rolling steel doors designed for maximum strength and durability

• Produced with the highest quality and durability in the industry.

High Performance

full duty series
From $9,770

• High Performance Doors are designed for 500,000 cycles usage with an approximate average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open and 12 inches per second to close.

Weather Edge

weather edge
From $1,480

• Service Doors that include a flat slat curtain and weather seals on the bottom bar, guides and hood for enhanced resistance to water, dust and air infiltration.


insulated series
From $1,889

• Insulated Doors combine flats slats with foam insulation and weather seals on the bottom bar, guides and hood, resulting in maximum climate and temperature control.


ventilated series
From $1,380

•  Service Doors with curved or flat slats that are perforated with 1/8" holes on 3/16" staggered centers providing ventilation and visibility throughout the curtain.

Counter Service

Counter service
From $1,019

• Counter Service Doors provide many of the same features and benefits of a Service Door but with a more compact design resulting in a more attractive appearance and reduced clearances.

Fire Doors

Fire Models
From $2,009

•  Fire Doors combine many design features of a Service Door with specialized construction, automatic closing and "Easy-Reset" or "Auto-Reset" functions to provide state-of-the-art fire protection.

Insulated Fire

insulated fire series
From $3,442

• These utilize a double-slat curtain construction with a mineral wool core to combine the fire protection properties of HL models with the benefits of thermal insulation and sound control.

Counter Fire Doors

Counter fire series
From $2,582

• Counter Fire Doors provide the same high levels of fire protection, and many of the same features of Fire Doors - including "Easy-Reset" and "Auto-Reset" functions - but in a more compact door design.

Performance Grille

Performance Grille
From $10,812

• High Performance Grilles are designed for 300,000 cycles usage with an approximate average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open and 12 inches per second to close

Rolling Closures

Rolling Closures
From $1,834

• A-Series Rolling Closures offer grille features combined with the enhanced security of a closed-panel curtain construction.

Counter Grilles

Counter Grilles
From $1,604

•  Counter Grilles combine the compact design and finished appearance of a Counter Service Door with the ventilation and visibility of a Grille for use on service counters and small entry openings.

Side Closures

Side Closures
From $1,559

• Fabricated from precisely extruded aluminum components.  They operate easily, stack compactly, and need no headroom.  Requiring only a top tack for mounting. 

Motor Operators

Motor Operators
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• The "low-profile" design of these compact but efficient Motor Operators means that no additional clearance above the top of the door coil is normally required.

Fire Door Retrofit

Fire Door Retrofit
Call for pricing

Retrofit Operators upgrade existing fire doors to state-of-the-art chain, crank or motor operator systems providing superior descent control and"Easy-Reset"

Folding Gates

Folding Gates
From $633

Also known as scissor, accordion, expanding, or collapsible gates

Welcome to Commercial Doors Direct

We run our business efficiently passing the savings to our customers.

We are glad to have you on our website, and even happier to demonstrate why our Roll Up steel doors are the state of the art highest performance roll up doors on the market today. We are a US based company that specializes in making commercial overhead garage doors and would like to tell you about our line of products. Thousands and thousands of our overhead doors are in operation all over the world, every day of the year.

Our products are special because they are made of good quality components. Delivering a high quality cost effective product is our standard and that is just why our doors have been chosen by many companies, small and large. In the 10 years that we have been selling our products we have made a good name for ourselves in countries around the world. Explore our site by door or product style and get an even more in-depth view of our product range in real world conditions, meeting real world rolling steel door solutions!

We also provide custom Door Products can be designed for many special applications, unique openings, or unusual operating conditions. Following are some examples of our custom design and manufacturing capabilities:

  • Very large openings (over 40 ft. wide or high)
  • Inverted operation (doors that roll down to open)
  • Unusual openings (curved, inclined, horizontal, irregular shapes)

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