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Model 300 Series

Commercial Rolling Slat Door

The Commercial Door Model 300 (24 gauge) commercial rolling slat door is produced with the highest quality and durability in the industry. The model 300 consist of 3" 24 gauge slats with a curved slate profile. The model 324 has three finish options - White topcoat, Prime Gray or Galvanized. The Commercial door Model 300 is avalaible in sizes up to 16 x 16 or 20 x12, standard features include 4:1 reduction gear chain hoist, 13 gear galvanized guides, and a structural steel bottom bar with weatherseal. The model 300 is the perfect choice for commercial and industrial application.

Rolling Slat Door Outside of warehouse

Model 300 Specifications

Standard Features

1- Slats: 24 gauge galvanized steel cord roll formed in continuous lengths. Galvanized according to A.S.T.M A653-G90 and finished with baked epoxy primer and/or baked polyester top coat.

2- Endlocks: Each end of alternate slats to be fitted with endlocks to provide a wearing surface in the guides and to maintain slat alignment. Fastened with 1/4 rivets.

3- Bottom Bar: Curtain to be reinforced with a bottom bar consisting of a 2" x 1" 1/2 x 1/8" thick structural steel angle with E.P.D.M astragal for doors up to 14' wide, otherwise 2" x 2" x3/16 minimun thickness structural steel angle.

4- Curtain Lock: Hardened galvanized steel slide bolts attached to bottom angle suitable for padlocking. (padlock by others)

5- Drum Assembly: Drum to be formed with 24 gauge galvanized steel sheet rolled around and attached to stamped galvanized steel drums to restrict deflection to .03" peer foot of door width. Springs to be tempered, greased packed helical torsion type designed to cycle 12,500 times with an overload factor of 25%. Springs are to be mounted on a 1" black steel pipe of minimun schedule 40 thickness. End bearings to be self lubricated ball bearings.

6- Guides: To be roll formed 13 gauge galvanized steel channels up to 14' wide, otherwise 12 gauge galvanized steel channels.

7- Operation: 4:1 reduction gear chain hoist standard for all sizes

Corrugated steel door parts

Model 300 Options

- Steel Mounting Plates: For lateral jamb extension to provide door support.

- Electric Operation: Easy, fast motorized operation at a push of a button.

- Top Draft Stop: To seal tight at the header to reduce air filtration.

- Guide Weatherseal: Once piece vinyl weatherseal attached to door guide on the non-coil side. (Brush seal with retainer avalaible upon request).

- Insulation (non-steel back): 3/4" tufcote polyether urethane foam strips adhered to flat slat.

- Windload: Avalaible design to +40/-37 PSF up to 16' wide, tested to +60/-55 PSF base on ASTM E-330test method.

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