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Commercial Service Doors

Our basic high quality Roll up Doors

Service Doors - the "basic" roll-up doors - are available in 3 different models with either curved or flat slats to meet varying requirements for most any commercial, industrial, institutional, retail or other application.

NOTE: Service doors are available as Weather-Edge Doors (Models HW & MW) with full perimeter weather seals, as Insulated Doors (Models HI & MI) for maximum climate control, or asVentilated Doors (Model HV & SV) with perforated or fenestrated slat curtains for the ultimate combination of ventilation, visibility, and security. Many service door and counter service door products can be provided with stainless steel or aluminum slats, bottom bar, guides and hood.

Medium Duty Service Doors

commercial service doors

Medium duty servicew doors include a 20,000 cycles spring design, can be provided with a 24, 22 or 20 gauge galvanized steel curved or flat slat curtain, heavy extruded aluminum or double steel angle bottom bar, and steel guides. MD service doors are available with most of the same features and options as HD service doors, and can be used on openings to 20' wide and 16' high.

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standard duty service commercial door

Standard Duty Service Doors

Suited for applications with up to 10,000 cycles usage, utilize an efficient 24 gauge galvanized steel semi-curved slat curtain, include an extruded aluminum bottom bar, lighter weight steel guides, and can be provided with many options. SD service doors are limited in size to 16' wide, 14' high, 200 sq. ft.

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Heavy Duty Service Doors

heavy duty commercial service door

Designed for up to 50,000 cycles usage, are standard with a 22, 20 or 18 gauge galvanized steel curved or flat slat curtain, and include a rugged double steel angle bottom bar and heavy steel guides. They are available with a large variety of options and can be made in almost any size.

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